Hopefully in the near future I will have various other payment methods. As of right now though. Bitcoin is the only available payment method i can accept on this website, so i apologise for that.
With that said, I’m sure many people are intimidated when they hear the word Bitcoin. But truth be told, it’s actually really simple to acquire bitcoin nowadays. Long story short. A Bitcoin is just another currency. Like the US dollar, AU dollar, British pound or whatever currency your country may use. We now have Bitcoin (BTC). There is so many different ways to obtain, store, and send bitcoin. So if you’re super interested in the topic of Bitcoin. I highly recommend this website – Every possible question you may have about Bitcoin is covered extensively there.
For those who aren’t really all that interested in how it works and just wish to buy some as fast as possible. I will show you below the easiest way from my personal experience to purchase Bitcoin online. It took me just under five minutes for my first time ever! NOTE: This guide was created using a Desktop computer. Coinbase also has an Android & IOS app if you prefer to use a mobile. If you’re wondering why I have chosen Coinbase. It’s because its an exchange and a wallet all in one making it much easier for people who have never purchased or used Bitcoin in their life.


Register an account at coinbase using this link below:


You will be sent a verification email to the email you specified in the sign up form. Sign in to your email address and click the verification link to verify your account.


You will be asked to verify your phone number. Enter the 7 digit code sent to you via SMS into coinbase. You will now be logged in.


Once logged in. Navigate to buy/sell. You will have to verify your identity in order to buy/sell Bitcoin. Coinbase is a very popular and secure exchange so don’t worry, your information is safe.


Now that you have a verified account. You can now purchase Bitcoin. Click the buy/sell tab and select BITCOIN from the dropdown. Note: Bitcoin cash is completely different to Bitcoin, so make sure to select Bitcoin.


Select the amount you wish to purchase and click pay. You will be redirected through payment options like any other payment gateway. If your payment was successful you will now own some Bitcoin.


You can now navigate to the “accounts” tab and you should see your Bitcoin Wallet with the funds you purchased in it also. You can now use those Bitcoin to purchase anything you would like on the FeetofLeanne website!


I will now briefly explain step by step on how you can purchase a product off the FeetofLeanne website. If you’re still unsure after reading this guide, be sure to send me an email and I will be happy to help you with whatever it is you need.


Add the products you wish to purchase to the “Cart” and then click “Proceed to checkout”. 


On the checkout page you will be asked to enter in your details. You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t wish to do so. However you do need to use a real email address to receive confirmations and notifications from. NOTE: If you haven’t made an account with me yet, you can do so on the checkout form. Your account stores your paid downloads that you can return to whenever you want. When you have finished filling out the form, click “place order”. 


For this section I thought it would help to see it visually. Follow the instructions using the below image as reference: 

You will now be redirected to the Bitcoin payment page. If you are familiar with Bitcoin. Simply scan the QR code (figure 1) using your Bitcoin wallet, or copy the code from the payment screen (figure 3) manually into your Bitcoin wallet. Be sure to enter the exact BTC amount as payment that is displayed on your screen (figure 2). 
For those who followed my above guide using coinbase. Go to your coinbase account and go to the “accounts” tab. On your Bitcoin wallet you should see “send” and “receive”. Click the “send” option. You will be asked to enter a BTC address. On the Feet of leanne payment page, copy the wallet address on your screen (figure 3) and paste it into your coinbase send screen. You are now asked to put in an amount of Bitcoin. Copy the Bitcoin amount from the feet of leanne website (figure 2) and paste it into your coinbase send screen and click continue. 
Thats it! It may take a few minutes to process your payment. But you should now be able to access your downloads from “account > my account > downloads”. Thank you for your business.If you have any issues with your payment or anything else related. Be sure to message me at